This is... Boy George & Benson


  1. Benson
  2. Colour Castle
  3. A-Tonez
  4. Clueless
  5. Jessica Mclaren


  1. Nacho Pop
  2. Bruno Who
  3. Dollar Bear


  1. Ebony Boadu
  2. Goldbrix
  3. Sprinkles

Pool Club

  1. Boy George
  2. Robbie Lowe
  3. Dave Goode
  4. Ben Morris
  5. PW


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Ministry of Sound Club: The music comes first.

A brand new era of Australian clubbing has arrived, with Ministry of Sound Club taking over Sydney's ivy every Saturday night. This week, legend Boy George will be headlining Ministry of Sound Pool Club at ivy with a special DJ set on Saturday, July 1st.

Boy George is universally recognised as one of the music scene’s biggest artists and for the past 30 years has maintained a position at the forefront of this ever-changing, multi-faceted industry. The Grammy-nominated singer has created a worldwide presence that transcends age, race, nationality and even religion. A professional DJ since the late '70s, Boy George has had a long and successful career associated with house music stemming from early acid house and Chicago grooves in the '80s, through to electro and tech house in the '90s and '00s. Maintaining a constant touring schedule, he's notched up hundreds of thousands of air miles and Ministry of Sound Club is honoured to have Boy George taking over Pool Club on July 1 st.

Alongside Radio 1 veteran Pete Tong, Boy George helped launch Ministry of Sound's flagship compilation album The Annual. The album went on to sell over 200,000 copies and was the catalyst to the now-global label. Other compilations to his name include Dance Nation as well as another two The Annual albums followed, this time with another longstanding Radio 1 jock, Judge Jules.