Get To Know: Clueless

Clueless Q&A
Clueless @ Ministry of Sound Club Australia - MyMedia

Even if you wanted to (but we can’t imagine why) you can’t miss the infectious smile, luscious pink locks and the party attitude of one of our favourite party-enthusiast residents Clueless.

With the inception of Ministry of Sound Club Australia, there was no looking past this pink-haired beauty when putting together a selection of resident DJ’s that would represent the culture and vibe of what we want at Ministry of Sound Club Australia. Clueless brings not only her vibrant energy to the stage, but her ecstatic music style puts her in control of the room, whether it’s to get the party started or deep in the night.  

As Clueless returns to the Ministry of Sound Club stage this weekend (August 5th) to support the legendary Darude, we felt it was only appropriate for us and her fans to learn a little bit more about what makes this superstar in the making tick!

Q - What are 3 songs that are a 'must play' in your setlist at the moment?
A - I am a sucker for some funky house music so these 3 are absolute staples in my sets right now!

  1. Whistle Blower- Vanilla Ace
  2. Came To Get Funky- Cazztek
  3. Be Randy- Dom Dolla & Torren Foot


Q - When you’re not in the studio or on stage, how do you fill your spare time?
A - I’m currently studying a Business and Events degree at UTS, so that takes up most of my time during the week. But you can also find me out in Sydney partying/ dancing/ having a drink or two and supporting all my amazing DJ friends at their shows!


Q - What are your travel essentials for interstate shows?
A - Well I am certainly not a light packer- a couple outfits and shoes and I’m always carrying heaps of makeup, hair products and jewellery with me. But my real DJ essentials are my laptop and headphones, a portable phone charger, about 5 spare USB’s (I lose/ break them ALL the time) and my trusty ear plugs!


Q - Number 1 tip you have for any DJ starting out?
A - Don’t be afraid to be yourself! Playing a unique set and having a genuinely good time on stage will always make you stand out and ensure the vibes are high- the crowd will always respond to the energy you are giving off so make sure it’s a fun one!


Q - What is your craziest gig story?
A - The end of last year I was playing a capacity show for an end of HSC event and during my set the whole front of the stage collapsed because so many people were dancing on it! The security had to push through the crowd and come and drag the broken panels away while I was playing- it was absolute chaos.


We can't wait to see what the future holds for CLUELESS!