5 Things You Should Know About Ministry of Sound Club Australia

Courtesy of MyMedia

If you’re reading this you obviously know that Ministry of Sound Club has found itself a brand new home in the city of Sydney, Australia. We’re bringing the clubbing ethos of our London set up right to your doorstep. If you’re yet to check out Ministry of Sound Club Australia, here are five things you should know before heading out to Sydney’s newest party destination.


Dress to Dance

That’s right! Parties have come and gone in the venue before us, so forget what you think you know about our dress code. We’re here to provide a totally refreshed clubbing experience, no stereotypes, no judgements. We’re all for keeping it respectable and keeping it comfortable on the dance floor. 


Not Just A Coat of Paint

Like our pals in London, we’re taking great pride in providing an out-of-this-world experience through our sound system and brand new production. The venue has undergone some serious renovations to bring you a totally revitalised clubbing experience, including sound-proof and all-weather roof, extra lighting rigs, a brand new staging set up and an overall entire venue transformation from our brand new entry, right up to the main stage. It really has to be seen to be believed, so we’re not going to share any more spoilers.   


Come One, Come All

Along with the ethos of Ministry of Sound in London, we’re creating a clubbing environment for everyone. United by our love for electronic music and partying all night long, we’re creating a safe party space welcoming everyone to Ministry of Sound Club Australia with open arms. Our friendly staff and security will be ensuring all partygoers are having an optimal clubbing experience.

Music Policy

Look, (we don’t want to give away too much here) we’re not giving away any spoilers here, but expect some of the biggest headliners from around the globe, as well as the most in-demand support acts that Australia has to offer. We’ve got some pretty exciting things in the works. The music comes first.

VIP Experience

After bypassing the main queues, you will meet a hostess at the VIP entrance before being escorted to a reserved private booth. Whether you’re in the middle of the action in one of our brand new dance floor booths, enjoying the unparalleled views from our VIP balconies or relaxing in your private Pool Club Cabana, you can be sure you’ll be spending your night living the VIP Experience. 

This is a new era. In a time when options for great clubs in Sydney are limited, we have the perfect opportunity to deliver something special. Great things are built in times of change and hardship, and we hope to affect change for Sydney's nightlife by bringing new life to the city, from London, with love.