Get To Know: Paces

Get To Know: Paces
Get To Know: Paces

Over the past 12 months, Gold Coast producer Paces has become one of the biggest names in Dance music in Australia. After releasing his debut album ‘Vacation’, Paces has gone on to appear at most major Aussie music festivals, toured with the likes of Dillon Francis, Marshmello and Illy, teamed up with Guy Sebastian on their famous Triple J ‘Like A Version’ and subsequently featured in the prestigious Triple J Hottest 100. Continuing his fine form Paces is following up on his massive electronic thumper ‘Savage’ with his soon to be released, and already festival favourite new single ‘Creeper’.

 We caught up with Paces for ahead of his massive debut show at Ministry of Sound Club Australia to see what the certified party boy has in store for us.


Q: You’ve spent a lot of time on the road this year, what are the perks of the tour life?

A: Just getting to play shows and connect with the Pacey Peeps is the biggest perk for me, I love it! It’s crazy fun seeing people dance and sing to music that you’ve made.  


Q: Favourite food on the road? Best place you have eaten? (asking for a friend)

A: I’m always on the hunt for good vegetarian food which is sometimes really difficult depending on where you are. When I was in Wagga I just had to go buy a bunch of fruit and muesli bars from the grocery store lol. But usually Uber Eats is my life. When you’ve only got 30mins after soundcheck to duck back to the hotel, have a shower, get ready and have dinner, Uber Eats will save you.


Q: What has been one of your most memorable moments as an artist?

A: Every time I hear my song on the radio. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to that feeling!


Q: You’re gearing up for your first ever show at Ministry of Sound Club, what are some of your pre-show rituals or must-have essentials?

A: My pre-show ritual is to watch a Major Lazer live set on YouTube while I’m getting ready. I love how much energy they bring to their shows, it gets me so psyched!


Q: What surprises do you have planned for your Ministry of Sound Club Show?  

A: I always try to make each show as extra as possible. That usually means guest singers, new unreleased tracks, visuals… I’m just trying to make each show more fun than the last.


Q: We heard you have some new material lined up? Tell us a little bit about it.

A: I’ve been writing a lot of new music lately and I always test out the new tracks at shows before releasing them. I’ve got a new single coming out really soon so I’ll definitely be playing that plus a couple other new ones that I’ve never played out before.

You can catch Paces on July 29th at Ministry of Sound Club Australia!
Purchase tickets from our 'What's On' page here on our website.

Check out 'Savage' below!