Top 5 Darude Tracks (Other Than Sandstorm)

Hopefully you saw Darude when he had a massive Australian tour last year, if you didn't then you better prepare yourself for August! When it comes to Darude if we are 100% honest with ourselves, at some point in our lives we have raved to Sandstorm. But the legend has an arsenal of songs under his belt that we should be dancing to!

The Ministry of Sound Club crew have got 5 Hot Tracks from Darude to be listening to, including one unreleased banger!

#5 – Darude - Feel The Beat

Those that are fans of 'Sandstorm' are going to be fans of 'Feel The Beat', released 10 years ago this tune is still one to be raving too!


#4 – Darude - Beautiful Alien (feat. AI AM)

One of his more recent releases compared to the old tunes is Darude's 'Beautiful Alien'


#3 – Darude - Moments (eat. Sebastian Reyman)

A 2016 release that Darude played on his tour last year is 'Moments', check out the cool clip done by Darude himself!


#2 - Uberjak'd – Fix You Up (Darude Remix)

If case you didn't know, Darude has remixed with Australia's very own Uberjak'd and created this amazing tune!


#1 - Darude & Zac Waters feat. Enya Angel - Singularity

The collab with Zac Waters feat. Enya Angel is the unreleased tune 'Singularity'. The recorded live stream below shows Darude working his magic to create this banger! We are super keen to hear the final version and you will be hearing it first at Ministry of Sound Club on August 5th!

Watch his studio session here: